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The Wire

Band Evolution: Band Evolution is for sale. Message me if you're interested.
Posted to the wire 533 days ago via bandevo.com.
Anthony: Long time no see bad news and good news...Bad news: my band Stayre died over 4 months ago...Good news we rose again as Broken Casket
Posted to the wire 540 days ago via bandevo.com.
Posted to the wire 610 days ago via bandevo.com.
Band Evolution: Some of the poorest people I know are some of the richest in love. Spread the joy this holiday season!
Posted to the wire 610 days ago via bandevo.com.
Band Evolution: This city was built on rock n' roll; not jazz, not hip hop, not r&b, not rap, not soul, not country, not pop, but rock n' fuckin' roll! \m/
Posted to the wire 615 days ago via bandevo.com.
Posted to the wire 637 days ago via bandevo.com.
Music Bytes: The van took its maiden voyage today, soakin up some liquid sunshine along the way.
Posted to the wire 637 days ago via bandevo.com.
Music Bytes: The Music Bytes van is officially painted. Now it's time for graphics.
Posted to the wire 649 days ago via bandevo.com.
Band Evolution: Guess I had a spammer on the site yesterday. Sorry everyone. Ms. Miracle has been removed.
Posted to the wire 650 days ago via bandevo.com.
Evo Rock News: T&N Featuring Three Quarters Of DOKKEN's Classic Lineup: Another Song Available For Streaming http://www.blabbermouth.net/news.asp
Posted to the wire 653 days ago via bandevo.com.

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Episode 6 from Music Bytes on Vimeo.

Featuring Dave Wilson and Diablo

Check out the Music Bytes page for full episodes.

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